What Others Say

Sharon Webb

Vanity, lunacy or does he genuinely believe he can be the difference MBRC needs?
Maybe a little of the first two to do this, under his current circumstances, but most definitely genuine!
The small fortune it takes to run a Mayoral Campaign would be enough to indicate Adrian knows his innocence will be proven and he will move on, without a sideways glance at his accusers let alone a bad word against them- it’s just not his style of politics to mud sling, he just gets on with the job!

I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian since he was first elected as Councillor for our LGA. Although I met him a year or two prior, on a 34 degree day, sweltering in a Santa suit, throwing lollies out of a vintage fire truck, come sleigh, as he and his fellow Apex volunteers whizzed past…. spreading the Christmas joy for everyone they could manage to get to in the time afforded to them. That’s his style and he has always shown it as our Councillor, a meeting at 6pm at Elimbah, shooting off to a 7.30 meeting in Upper Caboolture before heading back up the range to make it to a Woodford group before they finish their meeting. Spreading himself around….

He has been a businessman and a volunteer and he knows what’s what.
Always supportive for our Community Events, giving advice and helping others understand & meet Council requirements. Often, if you managed to not double up with another Div 12 event, he would be among the first to arrive and last to leave. Putting our needs and families before his own.

I jokingly referred to Adrian as our go to guy when things seems to stall. He always followed through, be it following up a request sent to Council taking its time returning with an answer, just to reassure us it wasn’t sitting “filed” some where without action, outstanding business advice/suggestions or with equipment he purchased with foresight of how Community Groups could use and benefit from a giant inflatable movie screen for a social night or fairy floss machine to fundraise with, snow cones, pop corn, hot dogs you name it he seemed to be able to source it or know some one that could.
I thought I had him this year, but he truly did come through for Elimbah who were looking to replicate Apex Santa Run in our own area. Discussion turned to vehicles -a red car with Santa in the back throwing lollies out a window. That wasn’t good enough for Adrian, he took the challenge and built a sleigh on a trailer for us to borrow, in less then a week we had his sleigh approved and our Elimbah Santa Run became a reality.

I could tell you so many stories about Adrian coming through for volunteer groups, not just the ones I have been involved with, we often exchange stories.

He is respectful of others and in return highly respected by just about anyone that has worked with or for him.
He is a helper, a fixer, some one who thinks outside the box to achieve goals.
He does this because he cares and he cares because he is one of us. He grew up in our area and is raising his family in our area. He wants our local government area to prosper as much as up we do. He wants our children to be safe, on our roads, paths, sporting venues etc.
Adrian has done a wonderful job for Div 12, it’s exciting to imagine what he can do for our whole Local Government Area as Mayor!