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Raedel Report – Budget 2018

Check out this years Division 12 Budget for 2018 at a glance with the Raedel Report – Budget Edition. The Raedel Report – June 2018

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Rangeview Estate Pedestrian/Cycleway County Drive ‐ Entrance Statement

Adrian Raedel

Great news! Council is reinstating a white picket fence to County Drive as part of the pedestrian/cycleway construction along the old rail trail. Whilst not an exact replica, it will be in recognition of the original fence. Works are planned to start in the coming months. It will be great to see this local feature returned to the area.

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“To say Thank You”

One hundred years ago, in a hail of bullets as they landed at Gallipoli a legend was forged, it defined a nation. The ANZACS showed to the world, what it means, to be Australian. The world had not seen the ‘just get the job done’ attitude, the mateship, the resourcefulness, and the courage from this young nation, our forefathers did ...

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